The Early Days

Born and raised on the Island of Eleuthera, one of the twenty-six islands of the Bahamas and the fourth largest, the McCardy Twins migrated to the capital city of Nassau at the age of twenty-one. They were fueled by their desire to become successful and their aspirations to be legends.

They first obtained jobs working in the hotel industry, which is where the idea of making daiquiris was first conceived. Danny McCardy remembers it this way “Working at the various hotels for all those years we saw that Bahamians would come in sometimes and order a strawberry, banana, or PiƱa Colada daiquiri, and that’s when we decided we would go out there and specialize in daiquiris. We didn’t know what the outcome was going to be but we took that risk. When asked if the risk was worth it, Buddy McCardy with a very infectious grin on his face and his eyes lit up, replies “Most definitely!”

When they decided to give their business a name they found it perfectly suited to call it Twin Brother’s World Famous Daiquiris.

They made the first Home of the daiquiris in the then Old Straw Market downtown. They sold the cold beverage in mango, Strawberry, Banana Pineapple and, whenever the season permitted, in a Sour sop flavor – a personal favorite of the twins. This marked the first opening of the daiquiri bar. Originally the daiquiris were made in a conventional blender by combining ice, fresh fruit, and the McCardy’s secret family syrup mix which produced a coarse texture but a desirable flavor. As the demand
for this newly introduced phenomenon increased, the brothers purchased machines which made it a lot faster and gave the product a much softer and smoother finish.

The twins found themselves gratefully overwhelmed by the success of their product so they decided to open up a larger establishment and at the request of their customers they decided to cook food as well. Thus birthing what is famously known today as Twin Brother’s Seafood & Steak house.

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